Revolution is taking place in the entertainment industry ! Electrical go karts are coming close by your ... homes ! Let’s take a ride after dinner and before to enjoy a nice moovie or bowling party !

Born from the combination of the SODI LR5 (kids design) and the SODI RSX (electrical tehcnology), this new electric go kart will surprise all the familly and satisfy our young drivers. No smell, no noise and an eco friendly environment will allow the complete familly to spend a good and funny moment on the track. 

Safety is not negociable for our young stars, so we have kept all SODI LR5 standard safety features for this product:

  •  PROLINE 360 protection
  •  Adjustable Steering Wheel
  •  Adjustable Pedals 1D
  •  Adjustable seat EASY FIX

Ergonomic and easy to drive, the LRX place the drivers in the optimal position to achieve their dream in a real world !
Be part of the new generation and experiment a new world in safety !


Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable Steering Wheel

Adjustable Steering Wheel - Features - Ergonomy

Height adjustable ergonomic steering wheel to offer drivers an ideal driving position.

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Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable pedals 1D

Adjustable pedals 1D - Features - Ergonomy

The “APM - 1D” system allows adjustment of the pedal distance to the seat in order to adapt the pedals to length of the driver's legs.

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Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable seat «Easy-fit»

Adjustable seat «Easy-fit» - Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable seat system on slides allowing the driving position to be improved.

The “Easy-fit” system benefits from an adjustment strap positioned behind the seat (if adjustment made by track operator) or between the driver’s legs (if adjustment made by driver itself) for easy and quick adjustment.

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Features - Pratical


SODISCAN - Features - Pratical

Sodikart has developed a simple, ergonomic and optimised tool for having a quick overview of the kart fleet. The kart operator can simply and quickly monitoring the kart fleet.

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Features - Safety

Lock & charge

Lock & charge - Features - Safety

Safety system avoiding any usage of the electric go kart during power supply pack is charging.

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Features & options

Dimensions & Weight

Recognized as the undisputed leader in kart rentals thanks to the outstanding quality of its chassis, SODIKART has partnered with the specialized electrical industry leaders to develop a new generation of electric rental go karts.
Powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly, the SODI electric gokarts have been fully designed using ENGEC electric technology, opening new horizons for the world of karting.

Complies with the regulatory provisions of directive «machinery» 2006/42/CE and satisfied the requirements of the following reference documents :

  • NFS52-002
  • FFSA technical and safety rules for karting
  • CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure karting

Dimensions and weight

  • Length (L) = 1850 mm
  • Width (l) = 1270 mm
  • Height (H) = 590 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 890 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 1072 mm
  • Weight = 170 kg (Lead acid batteries)
  • Weight = 141 kg (Lithium battery 26Ah)
  • Weight = 145 kg (Lithium battery 32.5Ah)
LRX - Technical plan


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