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SODI Sigma RS3 2024
Ready to win

The SIGMA RS3 has been developped especially for medium tyres in Rotax, X30 and OK, where the longer wheelbase and welded column support will ensure more effectiveness.

Equipped with a new frame - tubes Ø30 - and its new aluminium floor tray, the Sigma RS3 2024 is a exceptional  and easy chassis for winning under all track conditions.

New evolutions : 

  • Modification of tubes quality on OK/OKJ frame.
  • Hard stub axles are replaced by a softer model
  • Steering tie rods change from 266 to 276mm.
  • Cetrnal bearing cage (PC0274.054) with its support (PC0275.067) are suppressed.
    Karts are now mounted with two bearing cages only.
  • Ø80mm rear wheel hubs are now mounted as original equipment.
  • Front flat stabiliser is modified as original equipment.
Sodi racing team

特寫 - Racing features

New RS3 frame

New RS3 frame - 特寫 - Racing features

New design to increase performance & easy setting.


特寫 - Racing features

New brake items

New brake items  - 特寫 - Racing features

New master cylinder, brake pads caliper, front and rear calipers, front left and right caliper stand grey, new front brake* disc Ø140mm. (*KZ and DD2)


特寫 - Racing features

New front axle with 4 holes

New front axle with 4 holes - 特寫 - Racing features

Possibility of settings from 2 to 4 positions.


特寫 - Racing features

Modification of the Excentric kit

Modification of the Excentric kit  - 特寫 - Racing features

Easy assembly of the excentric. Allowing more adjustment of the height of the frame.


特寫 - Racing features

Steering tie-rod protection

Steering tie-rod protection - 特寫 - Racing features

Compatible with all SODI go-karts. Avoid chocks when the wheel reaches its stop.



尺寸 & 重量

Framedouble tube removable - CIK
Tubeø 30mm
Rear AxleHollow steel ø 50mm - 3 bearings
Axle bearing supportAnodized, bearing ø 80mm
Stub axlesø 25mm "Hard"
Rear hubsAnodised, fully machined, L. 90mm
Brake4-pistons hydraulic brake system - CIK
Brake diskFloating and turbo ventilated disk
Front wheelsMagnesium low volume, 130mm
Rear wheelsMagnesium low volume, 212mm
TankRemovable 8 Liters
SeatTekneex Racing Polyester
Steering wheelAluminium alcantara covering Sodi - Large diameter
SafetyProtective base plate for break disk, brake pedal with 2 points attachment, integral chain cover, anti-locking bar
Frame colourBlack + varnish
BodyworkKG Sodi CIK approved
Rear bumperKG plastic


Sigma RS3 2024 - 技術方案