Furia 950 - New chassis for the youngest FFSA drivers - 头像 1

SODI Furia 950
New chassis for the youngest FFSA drivers

New generation of chassis for the youngest FFSA drivers. With an intermediate wheelbase of 950mm, the Sodi Furia meets to the 2018 FFSA specifications and allows drivers of the Minime (7-11 years) and Cadet (10-13 years) categories to compete with the same chassis.

The new Sodi Furia 950 has been subjected to a long phase of tests and controls before being officially approved. The result is an efficient, easy and competitive chassis : the winning combo for our budding young drivers!

Note: The Sodi Furia 950 excelled in its first big competition by achieving a magnificent second place in the "Coupe de France" Cadet 2018 with Jules Roussel.


特征 - 安全

Hydraulic rear brake system TEKNEEX F15

Hydraulic rear brake system TEKNEEX F15 - 特征 - 安全

Brake disc Ø175 (ventilated)
Floating brake disc support
Master cylinder Ø19
2 piston calliper Ø25
Set of brake pads red


特征 - Racing features

mychron 5

mychron 5 - 特征 - Racing features

The AIM Mychron 5 is a high-resolution graphical display with integrated GPS and Wifi connection.


特征 - Racing features

Adjustable pedals

Adjustable pedals - 特征 - Racing features

Adjustable machined aluminium pedal assembly, suited to drivers aged 7 to 15 years.


特征 - Racing features

Adjustable steering wheel support

Adjustable steering wheel support - 特征 - Racing features

Tekneex anodized aluminium steering wheel support tilting to 10°, 20° or 30°.



尺寸 & 重量

Framesingle tube
Tubeø 28mm
Rear AxleHollow ø 30mm - 2 bearings
Axle bearing supportAnodized
Stub axlesø 17mm & ø 30mm
Hubs60mm Ø17 & 70mm Ø30 (Aluminium)
BrakeHydraulic brake TEKNEEX F15
Brake disk

Brake disc Ø175 (ventilated)

Front wheelsAluminium rims black 115mm
Rear wheelsAluminium rims black 150mm
TankRemovable 5 Liters
SeatTEKNEEX Racing Polyester
Steering wheelAluminium alcantara covering Sodi
SafetyIntegral chain cover
Frame colourBlack + varnish
BodyworkKG KG MK14 black
Rear bumperKG Tris black
Furia 950 - 技术规划