Tom Leuillet leader from start to finish in Macau

Tom Leuillet leader from start to finish in Macau

12/12/2016 - Información

Organised from 8th to 11th December 2016 at the Kartodromo de Coloane in Macau, the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championship for KZ pitted the young Frenchman Tom Leuillet against the experienced Spaniard Jorge Carlos Pescador. The Asian drivers proved to be faster than last year with three places in the top 10.

The Macau Competition ran perfectly with a very good sporting atmosphere and with very pleasant weather. Perfectly handled, the organisation by the Automobile General Association Macao-China was as usual at its peak at the event. Thanks to a slightly bigger field, there was no lack of confrontation between Europeans, Australians and Asians. All the drivers had chosen to race with MG tyres, except for Marijn Kremers, equipped with Vega tyres.



The Frenchman Tom Leuillet (Sodi / TM Racing / MG) unveiled his ambitions with pole position in front of the Australian Joshua Fife , while Jorge Carlos Pescador and Portugal's Yohan Azedo Sousa (CRG / TM Racing / MG) finished 3rd, followed by Italian driver Francesco Celenta. Macau's Chang Wing Chun , the Chinese Qinghua Ma (Sodi / Modena Engines / MG) and the Australian Cameron Longmore were in the top 10 ahead of Monaco's Louis Prette Junior (Sodi / TM Racing / MG).

Leuillet went on to lead the Competition in the Qualifying Heats with two wins with the best lap in the race to his credit. Azedo Sousa took 2nd place with the advantage over Pescador and Fife. The Frenchman Adrien Renaudin (Sodi / TM Racing / MG) finished 5th. In the Prefinal, Leuillet was alone in the lead while Pescador pushed to take 2nd place against Fife. Celenta was 4th in front of Sousa, Frenchman Kevin Petit (Sodi / TM Racing / MG), and Chang Wing Chun.

25 laps long, the Final was more contested as Pescador took control when the lights went out. The start of the race was quite lively. Azedo Sousa was held by Renaudin in 3rd position while Leuillet was in pursuit of Pescador. More and more quickly, the Frenchman closed on his prey and definitely seized 1st place from lap 7. Fife recovered 3rd place, with Kremers and Prette dueling for 4th. Renaudin then returned to 5th followed by Azedo Sousa. The gaps widened gradually over the course of the race without the positions changing significantly.


Leuillet was heading for a relentless victory, with a new fastest time, more than four seconds ahead of Pescador. Fife crossed the finish line in 3rd place, but found himself 6th because of a penalty for a moved front fairing and it was Prette who climbed on the 3rd step of the podium, followed by Renaudin (three Sodi in the top 4!!) and Azedo Sousa in the top five. The Filipino Gabriel T. Cabrera was 7th, and the Australian Macauley Jones gained 12 places to finish 8th. Jacky Chan Cheuk Hin and the Macau Driver Hon Chio Leong complete the top 10.


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