Triple at the 24 Hours in 2016

Triple at the 24 Hours in 2016

2016-09-22 - 新聞稿

For Sodi, the 31st running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Karting has broken all records. The French chassis, chosen by almost half of the teams, reigned supreme in the new CIK-FIA Endurance Championship. The 100% Sodi final podium is only the most visible part of the increasingly flagrant domination of the technology made in France, at every level of karting competition.

The figures from the 2016 edition of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans Karting are more eloquent for the world No.1 in karting. The quality of the Sodi chassis, here the famous Sigma RS, has won race after race with a growing number of drivers and teams. This year, no fewer than 14 teams out of the 31 involved trusted the products of the Nantes factory. This represents an increase of 75% compared to 2015.

The advanced class of the 24 Hours in 2016 was given the label if the CIK-FIA Endurance Championship using the engines of the new OK generation - simpler, lighter and more powerful. In the GP1 category, Sodi has monopolised the three podium places and added an eighth consecutive victory to its winning streak with Claude Jamin's team Sarthe RTKF. Five of the six of the top six karts in GP1 Sodi. Overall, the Sodi chassis featured in seven in the top 10 and was ranked 3rd in GP2 with the 1st placed Rotax.

From the highest level of international competition to countless national and regional events, the performance and quality of the Sodi chassis is unanimously appreciated as confirmed by its increasing share on the grid and on the podium.

The 8th consecutive victory at the Sodi 24 Hours and the victorious double this year, was also down to the work of the team of Claude Jamin, the tireless and meticulous manager of RTKF Sarthe. "I'm always looking to have zero defects," he confided, smiling and happy after the finish. "It's an ongoing quest in which my long collaboration with Sodi was a major element. Again this year we didn't encounter any problem with the chassis. The RS Sigma really is a very competitive machine! To align the success each season, it is essential to have the active support of a factory. Sodi has understood the game and has worked with us a long time."

The crew of # 1 Sarthe RTKF 1 (Sodi / Parilla), Charles Fiault, Gautier Becq, Kevin Petit and Anthoine Hubert (who replaced Anthony Abbasse) took control early in the night, completing in total over 1000 laps ahead of the 1421 race. Their only real opponent was No. 72 Sarthe RTKF 2 (Sodi / Parilla) led by Maxime Bidard, Victor Compere, William Godfrey and Thomas Ricci, who challenged him for a moment before taking 2nd place. No. 55 Rouen GSK-REK (Sodi / Vortex) of Sébastien Bailly, Benjamin Bailly, Nicolas Duchateau and Jean-Philippe Guignet managed to come back in 3rd position, six laps later after several mechanical problems, to give  Sodi a triple. No. 24 Wintec Centre (Sodi / Parilla), led by Alexander Vromant, Wilfrid Lecarpentier, Enzo Coursimault and Renaud Bertin had long occupied 3rd place, but some problems finally relegated them to 6th place, which anyway allowed four Sodi chassis to place in the top five of the GP1 class. In GP2, the 3rd position of No. 95 Val d'Oise JFJ with a Rotax performance placed them ahead of No. 11 Sarthe RTKF in GP2. Finally the the 21st place of the 100% female crew No. 66 Oise RM Concept Ladies were also driving a Sodi.

Involved more than ever in the production of high-performance racing chassis, Sodi is harvesting the fruits of their efforts and those of its staff to the satisfaction of its customers. And it's not over!


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Photo by KSP