2016 Novelty : EMS - Equality Management System

2016 Novelty :  EMS - Equality Management System

2016-01-18 - 信息

The big news in 2016 is the launch of a new system for regulating recreational karts. The EMS (Equality Management System) has been designed to very easily balance the performance of Sodi karts in the framework of recreational races while simplifying the work for the pit crew. It is a small electronic box and a digital display, to be included on new models equipped with Honda 270cc and 390cc engines.


Drivers should be able to race under fair and equal conditions.
Sodikart has introduced a patented technology solution called «EMS - Equality Management System».

The EMS offers the ability to quickly adjust the engine power and obtain a fleet of karts with fair and equivalent performance levels. By simply turning the ‘potentiometer’ you can regulate the power of the kart (there is a screw lock on the potentiometer). It’s easy to calibrate the karts.

  • Quick and easy calibration
  • No mechanical skills necessary
  • System locked by means of a screw



EMS Racer offers the possibility to ‘virtually’ add extra weight to equalize the power-to-weight ratio for all the karts/drivers. This evens out the performances and ensures that the race is totally fair. EMS Racer replaces the traditional lead box and all the problems it entails.

Virtual weight is easily added using a special key, in 2 kg increments, up to a maximum of 30 kg. EMS Racer has an LCD screen showing the virtual weight added, reducing the risk of errors.

  • Easy and fast adjustments.
  • Add weight in 2 kg increments up to 30 kg.
  • LCD display showing the virtual weight added = no errors possible.
  • More enjoyable driving conditions (no excess weight that can alter the behaviour of the kart).
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • No weight storage.
  • Quick and easy calibration.
  • No mechanical skills necessary.


EMS & EMS Racer are available on new kart assembly on Honda 270cc & 390cc petrol engines.
EMS Racer cannot be separated by EMS.