Swissauto Wengo AG SA250 SE 32i 娛樂, 賽車

Swissauto Wengo AG SA250 SE 32i - 娛樂, 賽車

250 cc variable power setting engine, 4-stroke- electronic injection. Ideal for leisure or competition.

DESCRIPTION: Single cylinder, 4-stroke with nikasil liner. Built-in water pump. Four valves. Double overhead camshaft. Electronic ignition with speed governor.

Battery charging generator. Electric starter. Power setting from 15 to 28 hp.

BORE: 75.00 mm

STROKE: 56.5 mm


MAX HORSE POWER: 28 HP (setting: 15, 22 and 28 hp)

MAX TORQUE: 7.4 Nm at 8 800 rpm.

CLUTCH: Centrifugal dry type with chain drive type 219 (7.774 pitch)

WEIGHT: 22 kg without accessories.

Delivered COMPLETE with:

- Aluminum exhaust silencer

- Radiator and radiator holder

- Battery and battery holder