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SODI Innova
The Weapon of the next champions

Impressive ! The SODI INNOVA chassis has been dominating all major Minime and Cadet events over the past few years.

Specially designed for highly efficient use of the Bridgestone tires used in these categories and for optimized performance in all circumstances, the SODI INNOVA boasts unmatched manufacturing quality and superior finish. It is obviously the «star» chassis for the Minime and Cadet categories!



Features - Racing features

Adjustable steering wheel support

Adjustable steering wheel support - Features - Racing features

Tekneex anodized aluminium steering wheel support tilting to 10°, 20° or 30°.

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Features - Racing features

mychron 5

mychron 5 - Features - Racing features

The AIM Mychron 5 is a high-resolution graphical display with integrated GPS and Wifi connection.

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Features - Racing features

Hydraulic brake system

Hydraulic brake system - Features - Racing features

Hydraulic brake system equipped with a 4-piston 18mm diameter calliper and a 16 mm diameter pump made from solid machined aluminium

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Features & options

Dimensions & Weight

Framesingle tube
Tubeø 28mm
Rear AxleSolid steel, ø 25mm - 3 bearings
Axle bearing supportSolid steel, quick release
Stub axlesø 25mm
Rear hubsL.50mm
BrakeMechanical or Hydraulic brake system
Brake disk

ø 168mm turbo ventilated, floating

Front wheelsAluminium black, 120mm
Rear wheelsAluminium black, 150mm
TankRemovable 8 Liters
SeatTekneex Racing Polyester
Steering wheelAluminium alcantara covering Sodi - Large diameter
SafetyProtective base plate for break disk, brake pedal with 2 points attachment, integral chain cover, anti-locking bar
Frame colourBlack + varnish
BodyworkKG Sodi CIK approved
Rear bumperKG black plastic
Innova - Technical plan


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