Innovation & Technology


Innovation and creativity have been driving the development of SODIKART for 35 years





and all new projects must make our karts, our accessories, our equipment more competitive, more efficient and more in line with their markets. Our Research and Development department is composed of engineers, specialized and devoted experts. They develop, adapt, correct, check, with one main objective: producing quality karts which are secure, durable, efficient, innovative but above all unique…






Knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs is a strategic issue. Although a kart seems quite basic, for rental or racing, it is always a sophisticated product subject to specific restrictions.


Innovation In order to remain durable and withstand specific use applied to business operations, rental karts must feature numerous intrinsic qualities and benefit from technological innovations which provide a solid guarantee to the track owners.


Race karts must also benefit from the optimization of performances and an adaptation thereof to the conditions on the race tracks worldwide.




Our R&D team devotes a major part of its activities to continuously optimizing those needs. The R&D team is continuously monitoring technological development and is strongly involved in new projects, it provides technical solutions meeting the design, quality and cost control requirements which are increasingly demanding and searches for creative solutions to optimize production processes

Whether focusing on industrialization or the selection of new materials, new motorizations, new techniques, the SODIKART R&D team is particularly committed to the implementation of an innovative environmental approach.







Safety is one of our customers’ expectations. For SODIKART, it is a requirement, a "fundamental" of the company. Thus, SODIKART has always been committed to fully invest in all technical and /or prevention measures designed to reduce risks.

Based on accidentology and on the 1,000 tracks fitted with SODI chassis throughout the world, over many years SODIKART has acquired outstanding and unique knowledge on accident and shock mechanisms indoor or outdoor. SODIKAT constantly works to reinforce its experience and is the first kart manufacturer in the world who has invested, following the example of the major automobile manufacturers, in crash-tests in partnership with organizations such as the UTAC (Union Technique de l’Automobile du motocycle et du Cycle).







How does SODIKART address safety on an international level ?

SODIKART reinforced its safety policy on expanding its activity to an international scope. In many markets, the mandatory and regulatory protection mechanisms are different from those known in Europe. Therefore SODIKART now has the knowledge to consistently meet the expectations of each market by precisely adapting its product range in collaboration with the local administrative authorities.