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Steps necessary to achieve a successful project



Achieve a successful project

In order to support its customers, SODIKART offers below a clear understanding of the steps which are necessary to achieve a successful project. SODI recommended Independents Market Experts can be subcontracted by the customer on all points outlined below and depending on customer preferences.



  1. Feasibility / Market Study / Operating licenses / Building Lease*
  2. Concept (From customer brief & expectations)
  3. Track and related operations facilities technical design (in relation with customer architect)
  4. Fleet of karts (Volume & Specs)
  5. Track barriers (Choice of concept)
  6. Track flooring (Type and grade)
  7. Timing system (Choice of concept)
  8. Track specific equipment (IT – Spare parts – Lockers – Tools – Drivers Equipment etc….)
  9. Venue management system
  10. Pit lane
  11. Construction*
  12. Track/Floor/Timing/ Management System: delivery & installation
  13. Karts delivery & installation
  14. Kart Energy system configuration
  15. Training (Technical/Operations/Sales etc…)

(*) responsibility of customer 


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