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Simply stunning !

The modern, racing and unique style of the SR series represent the new generation in karting design.

Designed to suit all kinds of tracks (indoor & outdoor), the SR4 includes the best features that made the success of the GT4R and offers a brand new design integrating modern and trendy curves.

The SR4 features a new «3 angle pedal position system» that is easy to configure and enables more flexibility and comfort.  

Due to its light weight and racing appeal, the SR4 is very much appreciated by drivers who enjoy racing sensations and track managers who want a safe, reliable and simple product to boost their business.



Features - Ergonomy

3 angle pedal position system

3 angle pedal position system - Features - Ergonomy

Easily configurable system that enables more flexibility and comfort. 3 angle pedal positions for a better driving position.

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Features - Other

Stickers generator

Stickers generator - Features - Other

The Sodikart « stickers generator » is a powerful and innovative tool to customize your next sticker kits.

The « stickers generator » is very easy to use and particularly fun : Select your kart model, choose the layer to edit and assign it the color you like. Your customized sticker kit will take shape in minutes.

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Dimensions & Weight

Complies with the regulatory provisions of directive «machinery» 2006/42/CE and satisfied the requirements of the following reference documents :

  • NFS52-002
  • FFSA technical and safety rules for karting
  • CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure karting

Dimensions and weight

  • Length (L) = 1914 mm
  • Width (l) = 1332 mm
  • Height (H) = 670 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 1040 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H2) = 890 mm
  • Weight (Engine GX200) = 139 kg
  • Weight (Engine GX270) = 148 kg
  • Weight (Engine GX390) = 154 kg
SR4 - Technical plan

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