Unequalled driving comfort

A new technology breakthrough in the rental kart industry with the release of the new SODI RT10 kart.

With the new patented EASY DRIVE ® technology, the RT10 offers an unequalled driving comfort.

Designed by our R&D teams, this evolution is the result of 40 years of experience and offers new sensations. Precision in the turns, steering comfort and pleasure are the key words of this innovation which will change the experience of both amateur and experienced riders.

With its new adjustable pedals designed for rider comfort, its patented integral slide protections, its new seat adjustment system, its gimbal steering and many other innovations, the SODI RT10 also combines pleasure and comfort with safety.

A new integral bodywork and a new F1-style nassau panel complete the technological innovations. This innovative bodywork facilitates the maintenance of the kart thanks to its numerous removable bodywork parts.  

The new SODI RT10 can be personalised thanks to the two available nassau panel and offers the possibility of removing the front mudguards for a more sporting look.

Ready for new sensations !?


Features - Other


EASY DRIVE® - Features - Other

Patented EASY DRIVE ® system for unequalled driving comfort.

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Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable pedals 2D

Adjustable pedals 2D - Features - Ergonomy

Patented adjustable pedal mechanism allowing pedals distance and height to be adapted to leg lengths of the drivers and its feet size.

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Features - Ergonomy

F1 steering wheel

F1 steering wheel - Features - Ergonomy

Put yourselves in the seat of an F1 driver ! With its racing design, the new F1 steering wheel will impress the novice & the motorsports fan. The "boost" button (for the RSX model) can be integrated.. .

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Features - Safety

Integral floor covering

Integral floor covering - Features - Safety

Integral floor covering the petrol tank, steering column and steering tie rods, this feature is providing a perfect protection of the drivers’ legs and enahnce the confort of the driver.

This feature also offers an improved aesthetics.

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Features - Other

Stickers generator

Stickers generator - Features - Other

The Sodikart « stickers generator » is a powerful and innovative tool to customize your next sticker kits.

The « stickers generator » is very easy to use and particularly fun : Select your kart model, choose the layer to edit and assign it the color you like. Your customized sticker kit will take shape in minutes.

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Dimensions & Weight

Stroke rental go-kart

Complies with the regulatory provisions of directive «machinery» 2006/42 and satisfied the requirements of the following reference documents :


  • NF EN 16230-1 + A1
  • FFSA technical and safety rules for karting
  • CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure karting


Dimensions and weight

  • Length (L) = 1865 mm
  • Width (l) = 1350 mm
  • Height (H) = 670 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 890 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar US (H2) = 1040 mm
  • Weight (Engine GX200) = 146.5 kg
  • Weight (Engine GX270) = 153 kg
  • Weight (Engine GX390) = 159 kg


RT10 - Technical plan

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