Proslide® Technology

Loss of control and leaving the track limits are frequent in leisure karting, generating impacts against track protective barriers or others gokarts.

These frequent impacts can not only cause damage to the kart structure and components, but also present a safety hazard to the driver.

To reduce those effects, Sodikart offers a “Proslide” Patented 360 all round specific high density plastic sliding protection. Its special profile contributes to limit the risks of embedding or overriding in the event of an impact.

Its main characteristic is located in the sliding mechanism between the front and side part of the protection. The connection allows an effective dampening of the shock experienced by the driver and by the kart. Combined with the HEAD SYSTEM technology, drivers and gokarts are very well protected.

"OMEGA" fixing system have been developped to act as some extra dampers between PROSLIDE and gokart frame. OMEGA design and properties allows a "floating" protection around the frame and preserv its track quality.



Proslide® - Technology

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