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SODI X2Drive
The 100% electric two-seater kart

Sodikart is proud to launch its new and innovative 100% electric two-seater kart on the market! Share with your family or friends the sensations of an electric kart.

This new innovative kart has the new patented EASY DRIVE ® technology, it offers an unequalled driving comfort.

The X2Drive benefits from a new silent electric engine and latest generation lithium batteries.

Ideal for learning trajectories or allowing children to discover the sensations of karts, the X2Drive is equipped with 2 steering wheels, one of them is a passenger steering wheel equipped with a unique patented "2-position" system: fixed or active.

The X2Drive offers the latest technological advances resulting from the 40 years of experience of the Sodikart Research & Development department (H.E.A.D. System, Pro-Slide Absorber, etc.).

Share the driving experience of a 100% electric kart ! 


Features - Other


EASY DRIVE® - Features - Other

Patented EASY DRIVE ® system for unequalled driving comfort.

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Features - Safety

Integral floor covering

Integral floor covering - Features - Safety

Integral floor covering the petrol tank, steering column and steering tie rods, this feature is providing a perfect protection of the drivers’ legs and enahnce the confort of the driver.

This feature also offers an improved aesthetics.

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Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable pedals 1D

Adjustable pedals 1D - Features - Ergonomy

The “APM - 1D” system allows adjustment of the pedal distance to the seat in order to adapt the pedals to length of the driver's legs.

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Features - Safety

Roll bar / 3 points harness

Roll bar / 3 points harness - Features - Safety

The roll bar and 3 points harness may prevent drivers injuries in cases of go kart rollover accidents or crashes.

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Features - Safety

Full rear axle covering

Full rear axle covering - Features - Safety

Integral rear bodywork element specially designed to cover the hot and rotating parts on the rear of the kart.

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Features & options

Dimensions & Weight

Complies with regulatory provisions of the directive machinery 2006/42/CE and satisfies the requirements of the following references:

  • Norm NF S52-002,
  • FFSA technical and safety rules for karting,
  • CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure karting.

Dimensions and weight

  • Length (L) = 2 092 mm
  • Width (l) = 1 450 mm
  • Height (H1) = 1 040 mm
  • Weight (with lithium batteries) = 204 kg
X2Drive - Technical plan

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