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Equipped with an asynchronous brushless motor and last-generation lithium batteries, the Sodi RSX has more power, more autonomy and a higher number of charge cycles than its predecessor.

The ergonomics have also been revised and improved with a new seat and steering wheel adjustment system that allows to easily adjust (in addition to the adjustable pedal mechanism) the driving position according to the driver’s morphology. These devices proved to be more reliable and easier to use than the previous ones.

Its racing and modern design combined with the new carbon F1 steering wheel will impress both the novice & the motorsports fan.

The Sodi RSX is, without a doubt, the most powerful, reliable, ergonomic and successful leisure electric kart on the market. Whether it is in a shopping center, a multi-activity center or in the city center, the SODI RSX is the best kart to live a 100% electric driving experience !



Features - Ergonomy

F1 Carbon steering wheel

F1 Carbon steering wheel - Features - Ergonomy

Put yourselves in the seat of a a F1 driver !
With its racing design, the new carbon F1 steering wheel will impress the novice & the motorsports fan.
The "boost" button (for RSX model) can be integrate on it.

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Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable Steering Wheel

Adjustable Steering Wheel - Features - Ergonomy

Height adjustable ergonomic steering wheel to offer drivers an ideal driving position.

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Features - Ergonomy

Adjustable pedals 2D Auto

Adjustable pedals 2D Auto - Features - Ergonomy

Patented adjustable pedal mechanism allowing pedals distance and height to be adapted to leg lengths of the drivers and its feet size.

The APM - 2D “Auto” system benefits from inclined slides with automatic return

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Features - Other

Stickers generator

Stickers generator - Features - Other

The Sodikart « stickers generator » is a powerful and innovative tool to customize your next sticker kits.

The « stickers generator » is very easy to use and particularly fun : Select your kart model, choose the layer to edit and assign it the color you like. Your customized sticker kit will take shape in minutes.

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Features - Safety

Roll bar / 3 points harness

Roll bar / 3 points harness - Features - Safety

The roll bar and 3 points harness may prevent drivers injuries in cases of go kart rollover accidents or crashes.

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Features & options

Dimensions & Weight

Recognized as the undisputed leader in kart rentals thanks to the outstanding quality of its chassis, SODIKART has partnered with the specialized electrical industry leaders to develop a new generation of electric rental go karts.
Powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly, the SODI electric gokarts have been fully designed using ENGEC electric technology, opening new horizons for the world of karting.


Complies with the regulatory provisions of directive «machinery» 2006/42/CE and satisfied the requirements of the following reference documents :

  • NFS52-002
  • FFSA technical and safety rules for karting
  • CIK-FIA recommendations for leisure karting

Dimensions and weight

  • Length (L) = 1850 mm
  • Width (l) = 1350 mm
  • Height (H) = 630 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 890 mm
  • Height with roll-over bar (H1) = 1040 mm
  • Weight = 218 kg (Lead acid batteries)
  • Weight = 180 kg (Lithium battery)
RSX - Technical plan


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